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PM congratulates pharmacy unit CEO

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat congratulated Pharmacy Of Your Choice Unit CEO Roseanne Camilleri earlier this month during a private audience at Castille.

Ms Camilleri received Malta’s Best Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Award in recognition for setting organisational standards for excellence and outstanding achievement in the public sector.

The POYC Unit also achieved the ISO certification 9001:2015 and is the nation’s largest licensed pharmaceutical wholesale dealer responsible for key nationwide services benefiting a client base of 150,000 outpatients.

Ms Camilleri thanked her highly motivated workforce, notably the executive management team, whose sense of belonging and commitment, coupled with the continued input by the leadership of the Ministry of Health, has not only matched the flexibility potential of the private sector but surpassed all expectations in securing such a rewarding achievement.

The gala event, organised annually by MBR Publications Ltd under the patronage of President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, was held last July at Smart City Malta. This year’s edition featured 28 nominees representing most of the leading business organisations in Malta.